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“Ice Dam Removal the Safe Way, We Steam Them Away!

Serving the Upper Midwest

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your home by forcing water to back up underneath your shingles and into your home. We use steam to remove ice from roofs. Steam is the only method to safely remove ice without damaging your roof or gutters. Protect your roof and home from the hazards of ice dams and improper removal methods by giving us a call. We pride ourselves on our quick response. Keep in mind that damage from ice dams are costly.

Treatment & Protection

Ice dams treated improperly can cause major problems in one’s home. Signs of damage from improper removal of ice dams is water leaking form electrical outlets or coming through the ceiling creating water damage to walls and floors. Other forms of damage are compromising the integrity of the shingles on the roof and ruining the insulation in the home. These damages might not show right away so it is best to get those ice dams removed sooner rather than later.


Many people believe that adding insulation and/or vents will fix their ice dam problem. They may actually be making the problem worse. To help eliminate your ice dams permanently, visit the website link listed below for help in diagnosing and correcting the problem.