What We Do

Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Protection Systems

Are your Gutters Plugged & Overflowing Again?

We have been in the gutter cleaning business for 30 years now! Rest assured we can take care of your immediate needs and provide long-term solutions to your gutter issues, and Yes we are fully insured! You can have peace of mind knowing that you don't have to get on that ladder or roof anymore cleaning out those messy gutters.

How Quick can we get to your home?

We offer fast, friendly and reliable service. If you are having an emergency situation, such as water seeping into the basement from clogged downspouts and gutters, we can many times get to your job on the same day. Otherwise, we will work you into our schedule and usually get the job done within a week. If you give us a call or request an estimate via email, we can usually give you an estimate of cost within minutes.

Our Cleaning Process

If the leaves and gutter debris isn't too wet or mucky, we will usually use a leaf blower to blow all the debris out of the gutters and downspouts. This is a very effective method as it removes the smallest debris and we can visually see when the downspouts blow out clear. We have special tools to clear out the plugged downspouts if clogged. We then blow off all the hard surfaces on the ground, like your driveway, sidewalk and patios of any debris. We can bag this debris at an additional cost.

If the leaves are too wet or there is too much decomposed debris in the gutter, we will remove the debris by hand and blow out the downspouts with our leaf blower or use a garden hose to flush them clear. Either method will leave your gutters and downspouts clean and flowing freely.

Long-Term Solutions to Gutter Issues

A recurring maintenance plan for gutter cleaning is the first great step toward maintaining your home and avoiding costly water damage and erosion issues to your property. We can set you up on a recurring schedule of yearly, semi-annual, quarterly, or whatever your need may be. As you are probably well aware of, some trees are messier than others and require the gutters to be cleaned regularly to avoid issues.

If you have issues with particular downspouts continually being plugged, sometimes the simplest and most cost effective method is to place downspout strainers over these problem areas. These can be very effective in certain situations. We do not use the cross-mesh type strainers as these get plugged quite quickly, but an aluminum wire strainer. These usually cost less than $10 each.

If you are tired of dealing with having your gutters cleaned out all the time, and just want the peace of mind knowing that your downspouts will never get plugged again, we recommend having a product called Leaves Out installed. Leaves Out is not your typical gutter cover/protection system. Most gutter covers are only effective for a few seasons before they are plugged with debris or the materials crack or deteriorate from the elements. After 30 years we have seen how these inferior products perform, as many customers request us to remove them from their guttering due to their lack of performance. But Leaves Out is a totally different product that really works, Guaranteed!

Leaves Out Solid Aluminum Gutter Protection

Filter Leaves and Debris – Stops Gutter Clutter

Leaves, twigs, pine needles, seeds and other tree debris are the most common reasons your rain gutters fail. Leaves Out is a quality solid aluminum leaf guard providing superior gutter protection that will filter leaves and tree debris to keep your gutters clog free.

Leaves Out Solid Aluminum Gutter Covers – The Benefits

We Are a Factory Certified Dealer

As a factory certified Leaves Out dealer we are not just a company that has bought a franchise. Leaves Out dealers are trained and certified in the installation and maintenance of the patented gutter guard system at Leaves Out's corporate headquarters in Etowah, North Carolina – and we had to pass their exacting standards before we were endorsed to sell and install Leaves Out on your home or business.

Our Warranty is Unmatched

Leaves Out is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We extend an unprecedented transferrable limited lifetime warranty that is geared completely toward customer gratification.

American Owned, American Made

Leaves Out is proud to be an All-American company. The aluminum used to manufacture the Leaves Out Gutter Cover is made by Alcoa with a finish that is warranted for a lifetime. They create the cover to exacting standards in their manufacturing facility in Western North Carolina with all American employees. Our goal is to protect the American homeowner's gutter system, one home at a time, with a quality product and outstanding customer service at a reasonable cost.